Things You Need To Know Before Going To Dubai Casino

Know Before Going to Dubai's Casinos

Overlooking the Persian Gulf and offering beautiful access to the sea, the biggest city of the UAE – Dubai is undoubtedly high on tourism and economy. This incredible oasis in the desert amazes holiday-makers as well as the residents with everything exciting in terms of entertainment, architecture and relaxation. Talking about entertainment, Dubai Casino are as luxurious as shopping malls and is known as one of the must visit places in Dubai for entertainment enthusiasts. You can place your bets on this article to give you a practical idea about the casinos in Dubai, the city of gold.

One of the best tourist hotspots in the world and the essence of the UAE, Dubai has made its name as an ideal entertainment destination in the Middle East. Whether you are holidaying or have moved to the city, you will come across endless options while looking for things to do in Dubai Tour. Among many luxury experiences, gambling in Dubai is a highly popular activity. There are no limits to gambling in the city. If you are extraordinarily frantic to play gambling and casino games, you will be spoilt for choice – be it visiting the majestic hotel Casinos in Dubai or playing online gambling in the comforts of your accommodation. 

Know Everything About Before Going To Casinos in Dubai

Know Everything Before Going to Casinos in Dubai

To your knowledge, Dubai does not have legal casinos since gambling  is Dubai is banned in the city due to Islamic religious foundations. Gambling is illegal in the Islamic religion. Even cruise ships at the shores of the city do not conduct gambling activities unless they leave the Emirati waters behind. Gambling enthusiasts tend to head to illegally operated casinos to play their passion. This results in them being knocked down by these operators or usually being caught by the cops.

Not just gambling exercises, you cannot even bet on horses at racecourses. Though many illegal bets keep going around the race tracks, it is not advisable. However, there are still a few racecourses in the city where gambling is legal. So, before you pull your gambling sleeves up, understand the law and legislation of the city. Misunderstanding the law might put you behind bars.

  • Gambling in Dubai

According to the UAE Penal Code’s Article 414, gambling in Dubai was illegalized. Indulging in gambling activities results in a penalty of AED 20,000 or you might be locked in jail for up to 2 years. You will be penalized if you are found gambling in a public place, in a house or a place prepared for gambling or any place open to the public.

As per Article 121 of the same section, if a tourist or a foreigner is locked up in a crime, the court might give an order for the banishment of the sentenced person from the state. These laws should seriously be followed and everyone should be aware of them before indulging in illegal activities.

Due to the strict Islamic law, no gambling is found happening in the casinos. Thus, several gambling enthusiasts indulge in such activities on online casinos in Dubai that accept players from Dubai and other corners of the UAE on their platforms. 

  • Things to Remember While Gambling in Dubai

Gambling in Dubai - many horse races to spot in Dubai

  • So now you know that gambling is not legal in Dubai, and not just in Dubai, but in all corners of the UAE. The culture and government strictly follow Islamic law and indulging in such illegal activities is a huge sin. But this doesn’t mean that Muslims do not play gambling and casino games. Since betting with real money is highly disapproved of by the government, all major Islamic nations strictly follow these laws. 
  • As a result, Dubai does not have any casinos despite being well-renowned among business tourists. Moreover, there are no card rooms or legal sports betting options in the city as well. Any brick-and-mortar premises offering any form of betting services is not permitted in Dubai. 
  • If we talk about a country like Canada where bricks and mortar as well as online casinos, both are allowed unlike Dubai, there is a huge difference to notice. To know about that you can check detailed information and reviews about the best online casinos operating in Canada. Furthermore, Canadians traveling to Dubai just keep in mind that they cannot continue their gambling during their visit to Dubai even though it is online. 
  • In addition to this, several activities, a bit close to betting or gambling in Dubai, are permitted in the city nonetheless. Having said that, there are many horse races to spot in Dubai. You can witness plenty of thoroughbreds from different parts of the world hosted on the dirt and turf tracks at Meydan Racecourse.
  • You can also discover many local Arabian horses in competition with each other, and for huge cash prizes. You can explore the best horses from different countries of the world competing for millions of dollars at the Dubai World Cup – considered to be the biggest horse race in the city. Though punters from different countries are allowed to bet on these races from their own countries, it is not legal in the UAE. 
  • Though there are no local online casinos in Dubai, you can play at foreign-based websites. There are strict laws for all forms of gambling, however, no equally strict restrictions are placed on online opportunities offered by foreign-based operators. The government cannot take strict actions against the online casinos in Dubai and gambling platforms that are foreign-based and are accepting players from Dubai or any part of the UAE. Hence, you can practically access various Dubai’s foreign-based online gambling platforms. There are offshore websites that allow players to openly play at online casinos with real money. 
  • The city has many reliable software developers licensing out their gambling games to online casinos in Dubai that accept players from Dubai. NetEnt, Betsoft, Play’n and Playtech are a few of them. 


Further, the government has also taken strong measures to ensure that no one can run an online gambling platform within the country. 

  • Online Casinos in Dubai

As discussed above, there are plenty of online Casinos  in Dubai that allow you to gamble in the comfort of your accommodation – be it a tourist in a hotel room or a local in his own home. However, you should not forget that even online gambling is not legal in Dubai and the internet providers in the UAE make sure to block these websites timely. However, as you know, blocking is not possible in the virtual world. You have to use VPNs or proxy servers to get past these ISP restrictions and have access to your favourite gambling platforms without any trouble. Additionally, it is also not possible to monitor ISP violations which makes it easy and safe for the gamblers to enjoy these games.

    • Below are Some of the Best Online Dubai Casino

Online Casinos in Dubai

With thorough research, we have come across some of the most reliable online gambling platforms that you can find in the Arabic language as well. These platforms are safe and are legally offering online gambling services. Take a look:

      • Arab Casino Cruise
      • Arab 888 Casino
      • Intertops Casino
      • Arab Casino Las Vegas
      • BWin Casino

This is the list of some of the top online Dubai casino platforms that offer safe and secured gambling services. Though gambling is illegal in Dubai and all parts of the UAE – be it offline or online, online gambling feels relatively safe using some smart tricks and techniques. 

And the good part is that the vast reaches of the Internet make it difficult to detect problems and thus, online gambling is often overlooked. You cannot get caught playing such games online unless there is an invasion of privacy that leads to involvement of legal authorities.

Summing It Up

No doubt, Dubai is one major tourist spot in the entire world where people spend holidays experiencing the world-class luxury of architecture and entertainment. When it comes to entertainment, gambling in Dubai is one thing that appeals to plenty of visitors. And, needless to mention, many travellers are witnessed looking for Dubai Casino. However, as the laws of the UAE restrict them, there is territory of online Casinos in Dubai offering the same experience of gambling in the comfort of hotel rooms as well as homes.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I play gambling in Dubai?

No. Gambling is strictly prohibited in Dubai and the UAE. Indulging in such activities may result in a penalty of AED 20,000 or imprisonment for up to 2 years.

Are there any casinos in Dubai?

As we have discussed above, gambling is illegal in Dubai and the UAE. You won’t be able to find any casino in Dubai. Also, there are no card rooms or options for legal sports betting.

Can we play online gambling in Dubai?

Online or offline, gambling is illegal in Dubai. However, it becomes impossible for the internet providers in the UAE to block online gambling websites timely since the internet world is so vast. People use VPNs or proxy servers to get past these ISP restrictions and enjoy access to gambling platforms without any trouble.

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