Al Qasba Sharjah : Explore the Undeniable Package of Entertainment

Al Qasba Sharjah Explore the Undeniable Package of Entertainment

Al Qasba Sharjah is a community facing the waterfront and a hub for art and cultural shows and centres. It is a segregated section of the Al Majaz district that follows the lane of Al Khan Corniche Street with uncountable Al Qasba attractions that a tourist can look for. The place is highly crowded because of the fascinating destinations that invite emirates multiple times, not just at weekends but throughout the days in the calendar. Though the space is mostly filled with families, it can also be a great plan for a date or friend’s outing. 

Things To Explore at Al Qasba Sharjah 

Several cultural, fun and art activities at Al Qasba, with boat rides, dance, music and food that keep you entertained and enthusiastic thoroughly in the plan. Here, we have dropped the flawless Al Qasba attractions each tourist must visit. We also have discussed the attributes one may expect from. Hopefully, this would be like a tour of the Al Qasba location that stops at an unexpected destination. Let’s get started! 

  • Al Qasba Plaza 

Al Qasba Plaza 

Multiple times acknowledgement that the UAE land’s beauty is known to the whole world. But when it turns out to be Al Qasba Sharjah, the experience is unique and commendable. Al Qasba Plaza 

This destination is listed to be number 1 because it justifies the qualities Al Qasba possesses. It is linked with a fascinating canal that offers multiple amenities such as Al Qasba park, shaded nooks, Al Qasba musical fountain and even events arranged every moment with different themes for entertainment. But with an introduction, you must not misunderstand that the place is only about entertainment. It also has residential properties to buy or rent in Al Qasba Sharjah. 

Including this, the number of shops and restaurants are a major part of the whole vibe that creates warmth. There are exotic bars that count on the best drink servers and playlists for your exciting moves. Also, the area has some popular religious arenas with English sermons, which makes the package wholesome. 

  • Al Qasba Theatre 

Al Qasba Theatre 

Al Qasba has some outstanding auditoriums preferred for cultural and art screening. They represent the films of choice that must be watched once in a lifetime. Also, the theatres have some conceptual drama, dance and music concerts that bring the fairy tale stories into reality. Besides entertainment, even families can take their children for an edutainment day where they will learn life’s lessons through the art of expression. 

  • Al Qasba Maraya Art Centre

Definitely, art and culture are prominent in Al Qasba Sharjah. This is one of the most famed destinations when Al Qasba attractions are considered, situated in the centre of the community. It is designed with three stages of artistic displays. Interestingly, this art display has nothing to do with money-making as this is a non-profit setup. 

The models and videos are also a part of the library that are enhanced by some engaging events. The in-house team organise the projects and events to encourage more interactions and learning sessions attended by the emirates from different corners of the UAE. 

  • Al Qasba Restaurants 

Al Qasba Restaurants 

Because no outing is complete without mouth watering cuisine. Therefore, Al Qasba restaurants are at your service to make each happy hour worth experiencing. There are tremendous eateries like Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, London Dairy and Caribou Coffee. The menu starts with a perfect blend of Italian, Indian and Pakistani cuisines. Along with this, the ice cream parlours that no one can ignore deserves a walk-in, such as Maras Turka and Baskin Robbins. 

In fact, there are some fish centres as well that sells fresh fish or varieties which are brought by the Canals of the UAE. If these all are impressive enough for you, then one may go for a delightful dining experience at Al Qasba restaurants such as Nandos, Shababeek, Sumo Sushi, Bento, and more.

  • Farat Qaddouri Centre 

Did we missed the Al Qasba locations for music lovers? Well, not yet, because we have brought you to another destination called Farat Qaddouri Music Centre. This Al Qasba location is the auditorium of rhythm where every age gets welcomed to host and display their skills in music. Addition to this, the ballet dancing and learning classes are also arranged every day for children of different ages.  Yet another part deals with painting, ceramics and crafting that boost a child’s confidence while learning. 

Undoubtedly, this Al Qasba Sharjah station is where every person at any age must pay a visit so they can have the real essence of joy and peace. In fact, it is also one zone that normalise the idea of learning at all ages. 

  • Al Qasba Musical Fountain

Al Qasba Musical Fountain

Al Qasba Fountain is a lovely space for water fun that has dazzling dancing water on two days of the week which is Thursday and Friday. But it is not necessary that one has to have a ticket to view it because the height is tall enough to view it from the nearby house balcony as well. This is also known as Dubai Fountain that the locals are fond of calling it. 

We say this because there are multiple residential properties at Al Qasba that have a straight view of this popular activity. The time of the show starts at 5:00pm that ends till 12.30 am. 

End Thoughts

Hopefully, the details given in the article must have influenced you enough for manifesting a trip to Al Qasba, Sharjah. The place is all about fun it seems and is full of excitement that can be remembered and be stored in the photo dairies. Al Qasba attractions is unmatchable regarding the legit experience of an easy life besides being a struggle the whole working hours. So, this holidays you must know what all can be in your bucket list to explore the Al Qasba location you might not have walked in yet. 

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

When was Qasba built?

The Al Qasba was built in 1446 and has a long history of belongings.

Where Is aI Qasba located?

Al Qasba is located in Sharjah in the United Arabs of Emirates with multiple tourists attractions.

What Is the best time to Visit AI Qasba?

Al Qasba can be visited at any time of the year except the ramzan timings that differs from the regular schedules due to the rituals.

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