Know The Complete Ejari Cancellation Process in Dubai

Guide on Ejari Cancellation Process

In Dubai, a rental agreement is only complete if registered with Ejari. But what is ‘EJARI’? The term Ejari translates to ‘My Rent’ in Arabic. The crucial function of this service is safeguarding the interests of all parties involved in the tenancy agreement. here’s the complete process of Ejari cancellation.

Description of Ejari Cancellation

An Ejari lease agreement registration is normally valid for a full year and may be renewed yearly. However, tenants may choose to end their lease early in certain cases or at the end of the term. This article discusses everything about Dubai’s Ejari cancellation process online and offline and the documents required for Ejari cancellation.

When Is It Possible to Cancel Ejari in Dubai?

When Is It Possible to Cancel Ejari in Dubai?

Terminating your Ejari contracts as either a landlord or a tenant is possible. There are two methods to cancel Ejari:

    • Early rental agreement termination
    • Terminating the agreement if no party wants to extend it when the lease expires

After the contract expires, your Ejari agreement won’t be immediately terminated. If Ejari isn’t cancelled, it will be hard for you to move to a new place as a renter or to lease your property to a new party as a landlord! A property may only have one Ejari registration, per RERA law. Because of this, the landlord is responsible for terminating the Ejari as soon as the renter vacates.

Steps For Ejari Cancellation: How do you Cancel Ejari?

Ejari can be cancelled via the app and the Real Estate Trustees Centre. Let’s examine the two choices:

  • What Documents are Required for Ejari Cancellation Through the Real Estate Trustees Centre?

One needs to have the following documents for Ejari Cancellation:

    • Both parties’ Emirates IDs
    • Ejari Certification
    • Passport of the tenant
    • The landlord’s No Objection Certificate (NOC)
    • The tenant’s most recent DEWA bill
    • First unified tenancy agreement
    • A notice of termination from the landowner

If the renter is a business, you will need to present the trade license and Emirates ID of the management as well as the owner. Additionally, a copy of the Ejari certificate needs to be sent. If the Ejari certificate is inaccessible, use the tenancy contract instead. The following information ought to be included in the Ejari cancellation NOC letter:

    • Landlord’s Name
    • Title of the Building
    • Number of Premises (DEWA)
    • Number of the Plot
    • Tenant’s personal information
    • A vacancy statement
    • Landlord’s Signature
    • The Seal of the company

Important Things to Note:

    • Submitting the final DEWA bill is the most important stage in the Ejari cancellation procedure. The cancellation procedure is incomplete if there are still unpaid DEWA invoices.
    • If you send in a hard copy of the bill, it must be properly stamped with the words “Final Bill” and “Paid.” A copy of the “Green Bill,” available for download from the DEWA website, may also be sent instead of this.
  • What are the Additional Documents Required for Ejari Cancellation?

Moving forward, in rare circumstances, further documents might be needed. For example, if the property was sold while the tenancy was in effect and the buyer assumed the lease, you must provide the title deed. When this happens, the new owner has to provide their Emirates ID or, if they aren’t UAE citizens, a copy of their valid passport. Similarly, let’s say a landlord representative signed the tenancy agreement. If so, they must also submit the Power of Attorney, which permits the agent to sign the lease on the owner’s behalf. The representative must also produce their passport, residency visa, or Emirates ID. 

  • Documents Necessary For Ejari Cancellation Through The App

If you cancel Ejari through the application, you only need one document: a consolidated tenancy contract copy.

Ejari Cancellation Procedure

Ejari Cancellation Procedure

One can choose from the three online Ejari cancellation processes: Real Estate Services Trustees Cebtres, through the DLD website, or the Dubai Rest Application.

Ejari Cancellation: Online

Ejari can be cancelled online via a variety of techniques. Any of the following procedures are options for you:

  • Ejari Cancellation Through the Centres of the Real Estate Services

You can follow the steps given below for Ejari cancellations:

    • Go to the Real Estate Services Trustee Centers (the Ejari cancellation centres or real estate service trustee centres).
    • Send in the necessary paperwork.
    • Await the transaction data’s validation and approval.
    • Get a payment receipt after paying the charge.
  • Ejari Cancellation through the Dubai Land Department’s Website

Ejari Cancellation through the Dubai Land Department’s Website

Additionally, you can cancel your Ejari through the Dubai Land Department. To continue using the service, take these actions:

    • Go to the website of the Dubai Land Department (DLD).
    • Choose “Services.” 
    • Select “Tenant” from the menu drop-down.
    • Select “Services for Real Estate Rentals.”
    • Go to the “Ejari Contract Cancellation Request” page.
    • Click “Access this Service” (the “green” tab) in the upper left corner.
    • Please log in to your DLD account as an individual, business, tenant, or owner.

For business users, provide your username and password or Emirates ID. Enter the owner’s or tenant’s email address, title deed, mobile number, or Emirates ID (individuals).

As an alternative, you could:

    • Use UAE Pass to log in.
    • Enter your email address, Emirates ID, or mobile number to log in.
    • Continue to complete the process conclusion.
  • Ejari Cancellation through the Dubai Rest Application

The DLD REST app offers an additional online cancellation method for Ejari. In this instance, you must:

    • Register or sign in using the Dubai REST app.
    • Give all the necessary information.
    • Please affix the required paperwork.
    • Apply.
    • Await the evaluation. If your request is accepted, you’ll receive an email.

Ejari Cancellation: Offline

Landlords can visit the Ejari office to terminate their Ejari offline if the renter is a company or organisation.

    • Address: Department of Land and Property in Dubai, 2nd Floor, Dubai Land Department, Baniyas Road, Deira, Riggat Al Buteen, Dubai 
    • Contact: +971-0800-4488
    • Timings: Saturday to Thursday, 07:30 AM To 02:30 PM. 

What is the Cost of the Ejari Cancellation Procedure?

The Ejari cancellation charge is different for each option that you choose. It is free to apply if you use the app. It will cost you AED 40 (excluding VAT) to cancel it through Real Estate Services Trustees Centers.

How to Contact Ejari Typing Centres?

Below are the contact details of the Ejari typing Centres:

    • Location: Multiple, including Al Manara Centre (one can look for the entire list of Ejari typing centres in Dubai)
    • Timings: Monday – Thursday: 07:30 AM To 03:30 PM.
        • Friday: 07:30 AM To 12:00 PM.
    • Call: 800-4488


In Dubai, all lease agreements must be recorded with Ejari, an online platform operated by the government and made available by RERA. To protect the interests of landlords and tenants, the system is designed to document every rental agreement within the city. The system assists both parties in avoiding future misunderstandings about the property.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is responsible for cancelling Ejari?

When a tenant vacates, the landlord is responsible for cancelling the Ejari.

How long does it take to cancel Ejari?

Cancelling an Ejari through Real Estate Services Trustee Centers takes four working hours. Owners can use the app to cancel Ejari quickly.

Do I need to pay a fee to cancel Ejari?

Along with government, innovation, and typing fees, the online Ejari cancellation process costs AED 220.

What happens if I don't cancel Ejari when I move out?

After the contract expires, your Ejari agreement won't be immediately terminated. If Ejari isn't cancelled, it will be hard for you to move to a new place as a renter or to lease your property to a new party as a landlord!

What if I have questions about the Ejari cancellation process?

To address any questions regarding Ejari cancellation, one can visit the Ejari office or contact customer service using their contact number or app.

How to Download the Ejari Certificate?

You can download your Ejari certificate through the DLD’s website.

Can Someone Else Do Ejari Cancellation On My Behalf?

A real estate corporation cannot hire a lawyer hired by the landlord or the person registering. The individual in question, such as the landlord, the tenant, the PRO, or someone with a formal power of attorney, must apply.

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