Get Familiar with Newly Launched Cars in Dubai

Newly Launched Cars in Dubai

Dubai is known for its stride for coming up with novel innovations and creations in various industries, which can obviously not be left behind. These automobiles would definitely make you reconsider your favourite Dubai cars in the running. Dubai as a city caters to various user groups, coming with varying needs and requirements. For someone looking forward to invading the automobile industry in order to buy Newly Launched Cars in Dubai, the experience might be overwhelming, especially when it comes to understanding and knowing about the availability and releases of models. 

Newly Launched Cars in Dubai

These are a few of the newly launched cars in Dubai. Take a glance.


Infiniti - Newly Launched Cars in Dubai

Dubai was one of the three locations globally to physically witness the QX60 SUV and the version of Infiniti’s best model as they recently made their debut in the market. The car took over the market with more than 400,000 units being sold across the world since its introduction. This one is claimed to be one of the branded new car models in Dubai and has definitely been one of the highlights in the dubai cars market. 

Although the V6 engine has been carried over from the previous model, with revised valve timing and a novel nine-speed automatic transmission as a replacement to the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) units. Although this little alternation returned the fuel economy, it kept the driving experience filched. 

Along with this, a brand new direct coupling all-wheel-drive system was also included engaging the wheel slip detection with almost up to 50% of the power available sent to the rear wheel in order to increase the grip. With the active brake limited slip function that comes with the model, individual wheels can come to a halt to redirect torque to the wheels with the most grip. 

Nasif Siddiqui, the Managing director of Infiniti’s international markets said, “The 2022 QX60 sets a new standard among three-row SUVs, that combines the latest technology, and leads Infiniti into a new era for the brand”. Sharing the platform with the current launch, Nissan Pathfinder, the 2022 model reveals enhanced stiffening coming from high strength steels that are used in the construction. 

  • The Safety Features of Infiniti

               Some of the active safety features of the automobile include:

        1. The rear automatic braking system
        2. Anticipated forward-collision warning  
        3. Forward emergency braking
        4. Pedestrian detection
        5. Adaptive front lighting 
        6. Auto-levelling headlights in order to get better illumination 
        7. LCD rear-view mirror- providing an unobstructed view behind
        8. Safe, Comfortable driving 

Even though there are many automobiles coming through making self-driving an elaborative feature, the car does not suggest self-driving in any form and it doesn’t drive itself even for short periods.

Instead of implementing a self-driving mode or capacity, the car comes with a propilot feature that makes use of a camera and radar in order to support the driver in controlling the acceleration, braking and steering on single-lane highways. This in turn reduces the stress of stop-and-go driving in areas of heavy traffic and the built-up ones. 

A great feature that comes along with the previous model is a tip-forward, allowing access to the third-row seats without removing the child restraint. Being exclusive makes QX60 one of the leading automobile purchases amongst its competitors. Everyone from Kate Hudson is looking forward to marking the launch of the branded new cars in Dubai.

  • The Cabin Takes it Away

The in-car usage undergoes a major overhaul with the horizontal dash being replaced by a vertical console housing a conventional 12.3-inch touchscreen with a wireless Apple Carplay and a USB based compatibility. Another 12.3-inch display is provided in front of the driver providing high resolution along with a digital instrument that is linked to a third 10.8-inch display, reflecting crucial information off the windscreen. The console in the center comes with a wireless phone charging mat and a premium 17-speaker sound system. 

  • The Theme and the Silhouette

Infiniti - Theme and the Silhouette

Similar inspiration can be seen drawn to the headlights, giving the kimono fold through the lens and an origami theme running through the grille mesh. Sitting on those 20-inch wheels, the profile of the car shows a fresh two-tone color scheme, which encapsulates a monotone of blue color, laid in contrast by a black roof and black pillars. This indeed gives it a visual floating effect which can also be seen in the Range Rover. 

The prices and other specifications are yet to be determined because of the delay in the arrival of the model until a year. However, according to the glitz that the model is radiating around, this revised model comes with improvised styling, a luxurious interior, and a nicer and smoother driving experience. 

There are many other elaborative experiences and features that make this car an amazing steal and a profitable buy for people who are looking forward to getting a luxury SUV car. 

Another Luxury car coming from Hyundai is about to launch in the era of Dubai cars, catering to the evolution and technology of the city. This car is definitely unveiling its G80 sport and is a midsize sedan with a premium blend of convenience and luxury. Okay, enough with the term dropping, the car we are talking about is Genesis G80 Sport. 

The new electric upgrade is all polished to come out on the roads within a year and the classic sedan sparks through with its cavendish red color, and three spoke steering with Sevilla red upholstery. Supporting a twin-turbo 3.5 litres V6 gasoline mill, this mid-size SUV lays over a lot of minds in Dubai. 

  • The Design

Complimented by amazing first-class comfort and intelligent features, the midsize luxury SUV takes quite the cake. The perfectly engineered design base and architecture of the car along with particular contrived dynamic curves just makes it as appealing as it can get. 

  • Other Design Features of the Car Include

Brazen Styling: The rear curves of the car speak of styling race cars in dubai which reflects the spirit of a 60s-era coupe from the rear side. Moving ahead, the vigorous lines of the car sculpt the G80 into this brawny spirit, communicating that of a beast on the prowl. 

  • The Innovative Crest Grille and the LED Quad headlights: 

The car features a G-Matrix pattern sparkling at intersections of its crosshatch design and shows the evolved G80 crest grille flowing into full LED squad headlights, which echoes the genesis emblem. 

  • Panoramic and Comprehensive Sunroof

The Panoramic sunroof adds up to the obvious factor of openness inside the luxury car. Along with letting in natural light, the sunroof adds up to the interior lux of the car. The interior of the G80 has also been provided with spacious leg and head room. This innovative car offers you the space you would never expect it to come with. 

  • Splendid Finishes

The car has been stratified with quilted Nappa leather and wooden flow in matte finishes throughout the cabin interiors. The cabin has been balanced by a clean and simple design and details that go back to the Korean architectural philosophy which appreciates the beauty of White Space. 

  • The Dynamic Center Console

Coming through the elegance of simplicity, the interiors of the mid-size SUV G80 features minimal controls, going back to the center console.

  • Stimulating Climate Controlling Features

The G80 in the year 2022 maintains the ideal temperature, reaching every passenger within the 3-zone climate control vigorously. The front seats comply with unforced ventilation and standard heating system along with the available rear seats which would be heated and ventilated. 

BMW 2 Series

BMW 2 Series - Dubai Cars

The BMW 2 Series retains the classic large bonnet and short boot with the new model sports tail lamps being coated with black elements. The luxury car has two trims including 230i and M240i. The 230i, along with a 2.0 litre cylinder engine would give an acceleration from 0 to 100 kph in the time duration of just 5.7 seconds. On the other hand, the M240i, along with a 3.0 litre cylinder can accelerate for about 4.3 seconds. The performance was also made sure of by the German elites of the automobile industry.

  • The Exteriors

The Dynamic Silhouette and texture of the BMW 2 Series stand out with the elegant features and the architecture that it comes with. The Frameless side windows for the four doors come from a classical coupe blueprint as well. 

  • The Extravagant Interiors

Ornate with elaborative and luxury interiors, calling out to their user groups, the BMW 2 Series is an integrated effort to put the element of sport, family frames, and long drives in one plane with exquisite materials and space designing. 

  • The Technology

The cars in Dubai comes with a full display with vital driving information including the navigation, the speed limit, and more of it into the windshield. 

  • Performance 

The performance engineering and architecture of the automobile is user experience focussed and that is the priority of the same. So, it comes to styling and what looks on the outside and what it endures. 

Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land cruiser is definitely one of the most peddled dubai cars to come out on the roads of Dubai in the year 2022. Available for test spins on the dunes of Al Qudra, the car comes with a heavy tear duct under the headlights, which definitely gives it quite the entrance. Most of the modifications were made on the exterior of the car in order to give it that extravagant look and dynamic look. This car comes with a power of 3.5 litre turbo engine. 

  • Exterior 

The exterior design of the automobile comes with an exquisite presence and added strength in order to produce a novel and comprehensive design and structure. 

  • Interior

With high-quality interiors comes the intricacy and the experience that comes with journeys and those drives on the road. 

  • Lighter and Stronger

The car has the technology to be efficient and powerful with the overall weight reduction concept of 200kg.

  • Technology

This model comes with a 3D Multi-Terrain Monitor that assists the driver in determining road conditions, which in turn expedites off-road handling and safer travel transport. 

Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT

Porsche - Newly Launched Cars in Dubai

Triggering the SUV fad back in the days, Porsche released some amazing models which led to it being the king of SUVs. Maintaining the legacy, the Porsche came back with Cayenne Turbo GT which is a coupe style SUV and is one of the most powerful V8 vehicles with a record of 7:38:9 minute lap time across Nurburgring track for 12.9 miles. On the other hand, the 4.0 litre twin-turbo V8 engine packs an additional 90 horsepower over a regular turbo. This newly launched cars in Dubai comes with an acceleration time of 3.3 seconds and is indeed one of the most luxurious and desirable. 

The Cayenne model range has definitely taken a leap with its intense performance and dynamic architecture and textures. It has all the attributes to get a head start and come through with intense dynamics and intense performance. 

The car would also cater to your sports car objective and enthusiasm right from the design of the engine that it comes with. The Cayenne models reflect their Porsche spirit, adding up to the motorsport aura. 

  • Other Model Variations

      1. E-Hybrid
      2. S
      3. GTS
      4. Turbo
      5. S E-hybrid
      6. GT

Jeep Gladiator Sand Runner

With the new Gladiator Sand runner, the dunes of Dubai are ready to be taken over with the powerful suspension and shock absorption that it bestows. The approach angle goes to an angle of 20.9, along with a departure angle of 25.5, and with a ground clearance of 11.6 inches. Moving along these dunes in Dubai, this one clearly seems to step ahead of the game. 

Coming within the “Desert Rated” badge, the gladiator comes with the capability to sustain and gear up to the strength it is designed for. Managing through the uneven terrains, these newly Launched cars in Dubai definitely takes the cake with the variety of features that it comes with. 

The Jeep features the new Fox 2.5 inch (64 mm) internal-external reservoirs with bypass shocks. The Fox hydraulic jounce bumpers a 25 mm front suspension lift, aggressive front seats with standard 33-inch tyres and upper bolsters, cast iron steering knuckles, a silver skid plate. To our surprise, the rear suspension is not lifted. 

A 13mm increase in the track of the Sand Runner allows packaging the larger shocks since jeeps are reinforced via the axle and the frame. 

The Command Track is a 4X4 system featuring a transfer case with a low range gear ratio and heavy-duty 3rd generation front and rear axles with the ratio being 4.10:1. This in turn helps the car to run through the dunes and hence caters to one of the cons that people may or may not face in Dubai. We guess, now we do know where that name actually comes from. 


Wrapping Up

The automobile industry in Dubai is flourishing as the sun rises and with every day comes new innovations and the technologies that make every upgrade in every model a step ahead of the previous one. The above-listed models are the recent Newly Launched Cars in Dubai in the year 2022 and are definitely the ones that caught the eye. All the Dubai Cars models speak the language of luxury, with the added technology dynamic and the chic exterior and spacious interiors. All brands cater to the user experience and keep it a priority, which makes every other product authentic in its own way. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which car is a good starting option?

Economic cars like Ford Fusion, Kia Optima, Ford F-150, Hyundai Sonata can be a good first choice for cars if one is looking forward to buying their first car.

Which cars in Dubai sell the fastest?

According to the statistics, Tesla Model 3 is one of the fastest-selling cars and is definitely on the top of that list.

Which is the best selling branded cars of Dubai?

One of the best selling cars is Toyota Corolla according to a survey done in 2019. The sales of this SUV keep on varying, but it is never off the market.

In what month are new car models released?

Most of the newly launched car models are released in the month of October. The automobile industry really kicks off in the month of October since they redesign the new models in the showrooms at that time of the month.

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