How to rent a flat in Dubai without paying the agent commission?

No Commission Rent in Dubai or Flats for Rent in Dubai Without Brokerage

The rental market in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a fast-growing industry. In the long run, both foreigners and residents can get a luring range of renting options in the country. Despite that, Dubai is a city in the UAE that is getting popular for its residential choices and experience. It is also easy to get flats with no commission rent in Dubai and the assistance of an agent. In addition to that, Dubai has a fantastic range of rental arrangements. The living standard of the city is on par with the western cities.  

If you are looking for a property for rent in Dubai, make sure you are doing everything right. This article provides you with all the necessary information on no commission rent in Dubai and the hidden costs.  

Present Scenario Of Rental Market In Dubai

Present Scenario Of Rental Market In Dubai

The UAE has a big market for rentals. The city of Dubai is one of the markets with unique real estate options in all of the Middle East. The Emirate has one of the fastest motorways and cheap fuel prices. As a result, more and more people are moving to the city for professional purposes from around the world. 

The rental cost in Dubai varies depending upon a number of factors. These factors include the type of property, locality, amenities, furnishing status, etc. Among all the emirates, Dubai has the highest rental costs. However, there is no chance of compromising the quality of living. . 

The renting process is easy, efficient, and fast in the city of gold. You can find the right home for you with no commission rent in Dubai. The letter of the law issued by the government is a contract form for renting the house. It is crucial to decide on the specifications of the contract with the landlord before filing it.

Types of Property on No Commission Rent in Dubai

Types of Property on No Commission Rent in Dubai

The city offers a plethora of options for luxurious living in the emirates. There are multiple types of property that one can rent in Dubai. There are also offers for affordable living with high-end properties. All of these properties can be availed with no commission rent in Dubai. Here is the docket of properties available in Dubai:

  • Compound Villas

The villas in a compound offer 24 × 7 security services with a range of facilities. These facilities include shopping areas, playgrounds, parks, community centres, swimming pools, pharmacies, gyms, food shops, and many more. For villas with no commission rent in Dubai, you can search the best localities. You can rent 2, 3, or 4-bedroom villa for rent in Dubai. These villa compounds will come separately with a garden of their own. The villa properties have the in-house maintenance option only.  

  • Standalone Townhouses And Villas

The standalone townhouses and villas come with up to 6-bedroom, a private swimming pool, and large garden facilities. As per the property and the contract, maintenance may be or may not be part of the rent. 

  • Flats

From stunning studio flats to pretty penthouses, you can get various kinds of flats or Apartments for rent in Dubai. You can easily find flats for rent in Dubai without brokerage. These flats have a gamut of amenities available near them. It includes a swimming pool, park, persistent security, gymnasium, 24×7 water supply, and more.    

  • Hotel Apartments and Serviced Flats

These flats or apartments are similar to the hotels. Dining and housekeeping services are delivered to the door of the flat. It also allows you to cook your food in the kitchen. However, these kinds of flats are a good choice for a shorter span, like a few weeks or a few months. And the best part is – there’s no paperwork needed. All you need to do is submit your identity card, pay rent in advance, and move into your new flat. Additionally, there are no separate water, electricity, and Wi-Fi costs.    

  • Furnished and Unfurnished Abodes

Whether it is a villa in compounds, standalone townhouses, or flats, everywhere you will get two options – furnished and unfurnished. Unless renting a place is for a short span, people will usually opt for unfurnished properties. Sometimes, major electrical appliances like washing machines, ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, etc, come with the renting property. These kinds of properties are known as semi-furnished. 

In furnished flats, you might not find additional things like crockery, cutlery, and bed linen. If you want these things in a flat, talk to the landlord before signing the contract for flats for rent in Dubai without brokerage.  

Popular Places To Rent An Apartment Without Commission

Popular Places To Rent An Apartment Without Commission

Dubai is a hub of the best localities in the UAE. Rent an apartment without commission in these areas with ease and comfort. Here is a list of a few popular places in Dubai to rent out a property:

  • Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is becoming the most popular location for renting a property. This new city is at just fifteen minutes walking distance from the beachside. The housing units in Dubai Marina face the sprawling skyline and glistening water in Dubai. The trendsetting high-rise building is the major attraction of the Dubai Marina. From luxury stores to a range of eateries, walkways and more, the location has it all. 

  • Downtown Dubai

Being right next to the financial district of the UAE, Downtown Dubai is yet another great location to rent an apartment without commission in Dubai. The world’s largest building, Burj Khalifa, is the major attraction. Downtown Dubai also hosts the world’s largest mall, The Dubai Mall.

  • Bur Dubai

This is one of the oldest parts of Dubai, where the vintage beauty of the town is still retained. It is among the popular places to get both villas and Apartments for rent in Bur Dubai without brokerage. With appetising street foods. This part of the town is known as the cultural hub of Dubai.. Along with all the required amenities, the town has a good -connectivity of roads with the other parts of the city.

Rental Prices In Dubai

The rental prices in Dubai depend upon the type of property, locality, and other amenities. Renting a luxurious villa will cost higher than renting a luxurious flat. The cheapest renting price offer you can get in the city is Dh 25,000 for a one-bedroom apartment to Dh 7.5 million for a housing unit in Emirates Hills. Even though the city is ranked as the 23rd most expensive out of 209 other cities of the world, the rent is still cheaper. As per the international markets, the rental cost in Dubai is 26.99% cheaper than Chicago. 

Hidden Costs Of Renting A Flat In Dubai

Hidden Costs Of Renting A Flat In Dubai

Renting an apartment in Dubai without commission or even with commission comes with numerous hidden costs. Aside from the actual rent amount, these are some necessary costs. It could ruin your budget if you don’t see them coming. Here are the major down costs of renting a property in Dubai:

  • Agency Fees : If you opt for an agency, you might be required to pay 2 to 5% of the annual rental costs. 
  • Ejari Fees : Ejari fees cannot be avoided. An amount of Dh 195 is required to be paid for all types of property for rental contract registration.
  • Housing Fee : This is an added 5% of the total rental amount. It is a hidden expense that needs to be paid along with the DEWA bills.
  • Security Deposit : The security deposit is also another unavoidable and refundable part of renting a house. It can be negotiated with the landlord. 
  • District Cooling Fees : This fee varies depending upon who is the provider. It starts from AED 0.568 fill per Refrigeration Ton (RT)/hour.
  • DEWA : You will also need to pay the DEWA fees for receiving electricity and water services in Dubai.

Steps To Rent An Apartment In Dubai Without Commission

It is easy to rent an apartment without commission in Dubai. Follow the steps mentioned below to find the right abode for you in the city of gold. 

Step 1 : Search For The Right Accommodation

Searching for the right property is the major step towards getting a no commission rent in Dubai. Many real estate websites, such as mention the top-notch properties of Dubai. Filter your search for the right abode by selecting the size, type of property, number of rooms, locality, etc.

When looking to rent properties in Dubai with no commission, look for the following:

  • Rental Cost
  • Number of Cheques required over a rental year
  • Security Deposit, which is usually 5% of the rental amount
  • Furnishings Status
  • Viewing Period of the Housing Unit
  • Starting Date for Living
  • Any Other Conditions that you wish to look for 

Step 2 : Shortlist Those You Love

After searching the rent an apartment in Dubai without commission, shortlist the ones that seem the perfect match for you. You can contact the homeowners on the given details to ask questions that you might have.  

Step 3 : Schedule Viewing Of The Flats

Set a date for viewing the flat. Once you visit the unit, take photos, videos, or notes as well. This will help in a better analysis of the property. You can focus on the following factors while viewing a flat:

  • Access to and from the public transportation, such as buses, taxis, metro, etc.
  • Security facilities availability near the flat.
  • Accessibility to your workplace.
  • The noise around the area.
  • Interact with the people already living there to know the challenges.
  • Basic amenities like supermarkets, gymnasium, parks, swimming pool, hospital, etc.
  • Check for parking facilities.

Step 4 : Negotiate On The Rental Amount

Negotiation is an essential part when you go for a flat for rent in Dubai with no commission. Always try to bring down the rental cost in your budget for the unit you decided to rent. You can also bargain on the number of cheques. If you successfully bring down the cheque numbers, the rental amount will also be decreased. Also, clarify all the major details with the landlord, such as the deposit amount and rental duration.

Step 5 : Reserve The One That Fits You

Secure the flat you loved by paying a refundable security deposit amount. The security deposit in Dubai is a 5% value of the rental amount. Pay this amount in cash or via cheque to the landlord in case you are going for no commission rent in Dubai. In some cases, the agent might hold onto this amount until the deal is finalised.   

Also, do not forget to get a receipt for booking the flat. In case you decide to back out from the deal, the cheque or cash will be transferred to the homeowner.   

Step 6 : Draft The Booking Contract

After finalising the deal, the landowner will get the contract papers after consulting with a legal representative. This contract will mention all the information, such as the furnishing status, special conditions, rental conditions, amount, etc. Go through the lines carefully and if you think that the conditions are not right, you can ask the owner to change them accordingly. Also, the contract should comply with the tenancy laws and rights of Dubai.

Step 7 : Sign The Contract

After the changes have been made, read the contract thoroughly once more. Now, sign the contract and hand it over to the landowner to rent an apartment in Dubai without commission. Submit the rental cheques as well and ask for invoices after handing them over. 

The landowner will also sign the rental contract and an acknowledgement receipt for your future reference.  

Step 8 : Connect With The DEWA

Submit the following documents to get the services under Dubai Electric and Water Authority (DEWA):

  • Passport copies of both landlord and tenant.
  • Duly filled DEWA form.
  • Deed of Title (for freehold properties or any spa bought from a well-known developer) or Affection plan.
  • Dh 2,000 AED for flats or Dh 4,000 AED for villas. It is a refundable deposit.
  • Dh 110 AED for the charges of setting up the services.

The supply of the services will be started within 24 hours of DEWA registration and submission of the security deposit amount.  

You can also fill out the DEWA registration form via their portal. Here’s the step to connect DEWA online:

  • Visit the official portal of DEWA and fill in the online application form with the required information.
  • Attach all the required documents, such as passport copies, tenancy agreements, etc.
  • Pay the security deposit and other fees via e-pay and submit the application.

Step 9 : Ejari Registration

Register for Ejari system by submitting the following documents – original tenancy agreement, original DEWA receipt for the connection under the tenant’s name, Deed of title (for freehold properties or any spa bought from a well-known developer) or Affection plan, copy of passport (of tenants and landlord), and Emirates ID copy.

Step 10 : Fill In The Move-in Form

Before moving into the new property that you got on no commission rent in Dubai, you might be asked to submit a non-objection certificate (NOC). The below-listed documents will be required before you move into your new space:

  • Ejari Certificate
  • Copy of visa and passport of the tenant
  • Tenancy Contract copy
  • Move-in form

In Dubai, a contract is normally for one year. However, if the contract is for less than a year, it will fall under the category of the rental short-term contract.

Documents For Reserving Flats for Rent in Dubai Without Brokerage

To book the flat that you decided on, you need to submit a few documents too. Along with the booking fees, here is the list of required documents for reserving flats for rent in Dubai without a commission:

  • Passport of the tenant
  • Visa copy of the residence 

In case, the visa is under process, you can also submit an original letter proffered by the company or sponsor. The letter will state that the visa is under process.  

Important Things To Know Before You Rent Properties In Dubai With No Commission

Important Things To Know Before You Rent Properties In Dubai With No Commission

Since you are going for flats for rent in Dubai without brokerage, you must not be aware of a few important things about the tenancy. There are a few things that you must know before renting a space.

  • Most tenancy contracts will be annual.
  • If you have not submitted the copy of the visa (if was under process), you must have a copy to submit as soon as it arrives.
  • The contract usually takes four to five days to be out. The landlord might take the help of an agent and a legal representative for the tenancy contract.
  • The rental amount is paid quarterly in Dubai. But in some cases, the landlord might ask for three months’ cheques instead of four. You will have to give the cheques as a post-paid when signing the tenancy agreement. Make sure to ask for receipts of the cheques. 
  • The security deposit amount can be paid in cash or via cheques. Ask for a receipt. Keep the receipt safe as it will help in getting the refund at the end of your tenancy term.
  • If you break the annual contract, you will have to pay a penalty. This penalty can be two months of rent.
  • The notice period should be two months long.   

Rights And Obligations Of Tenants And Owners

Rights And Obligations Of Tenants And Owners

There are some tenancy rights and obligations that need to be fulfilled by both tenants and homeowners. These are mentioned below:

For Owners :

  • The owner is responsible for providing the tenant with an English-translated copy of the tenancy contract. 
  • They should also provide a security deposit receipt to the tenant.
  • Owners of the flat can not increase the rent in between the annual contract.
  • At the end of the annual term, the landlord can increase the rent, adhering to the guidelines of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority. Also, if the guidelines come into action during the contract, the tenant has no liability to ask for a reduction on the rent. The rent amount can neither be increased nor decreased once the contract is drawn out. 
  • An inventory of things in the flats should be provided by the landlord (if it is a furnished flat for rent). It will help the tenants to check and verify the things available in the house. The tenant will then sign the inventory list to reduce the chance of any discrepancies in future. 
  • In rented flat buildings, the owner is responsible for maintaining the common and external areas, such as gyms, lobbies, parks, corridors, etc. If the landlord only owns the flat and not the building, they will be the ones to pay the maintenance fee. If it is mentioned that the tenant will pay the maintenance fees in the contract, then you will have to do that. 

For Tenants :

  • Scrutinise the tenancy agreement before signing it. After signing the contract, you cannot say no to any of the clauses mentioned in it, even if it seems unjust to you.
  • The tenant is not obligated to renew the contract after completing their term if they are revised rates are not up to par with them.
  • Only the fittings and or other similar fixtures are liable for alteration after discussing it with the owner. It is one of the major clauses to be mentioned in the contract.
  • The tenant will have to pay two months’ rent in case of breaking the agreement and leaving the flat early. 
  • In case the tenant has to rent an apartment in Dubai without commission, the tenant should know that flat-sharing is legally disallowed. If they want to sub-let an acquaintance, they need to take permission from the owner. 
  • The tenant should dispose of the rubbish in the chute available on every floor in the building. It is the responsibility of the tenant that not a single piece of rubbish is lying on the building floor or in any common area. 
  • Since the tenant has taken the flats for rent in Dubai without brokerage, they need to maintain the property well. If there is any damage at the term-end, the tenant will be liable to pay the fixing price.  

Who Can Solve the Dispute Between the Two? 

When you are opting for a flat for rent in Dubai with no commission, the chances of disputes are higher between you and the owner. Most of the time, the tenants do not know where to go in case of a dispute. In Dubai and other parts of the Emirates, there are committees for rental disputes. The Rental Dispute Settlement centre is the committee to resolve the issues in Dubai. The centre is located at the head office of the Dubai Land Department (DLD) in Deira. 

To file a complaint or dispute, you need provide the following:

  • Identity proof of landlord and tenant (recognised by the Government in Emirates)
  • Original and photocopy of visa and passport
  • Original copy of tenancy contract
  • Receipt of rentals deposit

Bottom Line

With an ever increasing demand, the market of rental properties in Dubai is growing. However, finding flats for rent in Dubai without a brokerage that suits your needs and is within your budget is not an easy task. An agent can guide you through the process of finding the right abode but will ask for commission. Without an agent, the process can be long and might seem a bit hectic. But with the tips and steps mentioned above, you can easily find your dream rental space. Make a search for your dream rental flat easy with

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I rent an apartment in Dubai without commission?

You can search for properties on several real estate websites and shortlist the ones for viewing. This will help you get a flat for rent in Dubai with no commission.

How much does it cost to rent a flat in Dubai?

The renting cost starts at 5,000 AED for one-bedroom flats in Dubai and goes up to 12,000 AED depending upon the area, size, and amenities.

What is the cheapest rent in Dubai?

Dh 25,000 is the cheapest rent amount in Dubai for a one-bedroom flat. To get flats for rent in Dubai without brokerage, choose the ones available for viewing easily.

Can you negotiate rent in Dubai?

If you plan on moving into the flat, you can negotiate the rental amount with the owner in Dubai.

How can I find apartments for rent in Dubai?

To find the right flat for rent in Dubai, you can contact a real estate agent or look for properties on the websites of real estate companies.

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