Forsan Central Mall Abu Dhabi: Where Convenience Meets Luxury

Forsan Central Mall Where Convenience Meets Luxury

Looking for a palace to shop in Abu Dhabi? Forsan Central Mall is the shopping hub to visit to fill all your bags. Located in the dynamic neighbourhood of Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, it is an all-encompassing hub for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Spanning a substantial area, the mall encapsulates the spirit of modern urban living. Its retail landscape houses an impressive array of local and international brands, making it a magnet for fashion enthusiasts, tech-savvy individuals, and home décor lovers. Everything you can imagine is present at Forsan Central Mall Abu Dhabi.

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Forsan Mall Overview

Forsan Mall Overview 

Forsan Central Mall caters to all your shopping needs and offers entertainment options. It boasts a state-of-the-art cinema, a lively indoor amusement park, and a modern fitness facility. You can find a variety of culinary delights to satiate all your food cravings, from quick bites to gourmet dishes, within the food court and various standalone restaurants. 

However, the mall isn’t only about shopping and dining; it is much more. Forsan Mall is a hangout place for people living nearby to spend quality time with their loved ones. The mall’s commitment to customer service, with its information desks, free Wi-Fi, prayer rooms, and accessibility options, enhances the visitor experience. Open seven days a week, Forsan Mall is a lifestyle experience that leaves a lasting impression on its visitors.

  • Forsan Central Mall Location

Forsan Mall is situated on Abdulrahman Bin ‘Awf Street in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi. The mall’s location is strategically located close to numerous popular attractions. 

  • Forsan Central Mall’s Opening Hours

Following are the opening hours of the Forsan mall. Depending upon the day of the week, the hours can differ. For your convenience, here’s a quick snapshot of the Forsan Central Mall’s opening hours:

    • Opening Hours for Forsan Central Mall Stores 

      • From Sunday to Thursday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
      • From Friday to Saturday: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM
    • Opening Hours for Forsan Central Mall Restaurants 

      • From Sunday to Thursday: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM
      • From Friday to Saturday: 10:00 AM – 12:00 AM
    • Opening Hours for Forsan Mall’s Hypermarkets 

      • From Sunday to Saturday: 08:00 AM – 12:00 AM
  • Forsan Central Mall Map

The map below will help you explore the mall in detail and easily locate all the nearby amenities. 

  • Forsan Central Mall’s Nearby Attractions

The following attractions are situated near Forsan Central Mall in Abu Dhabi. 

    • Khalifa Square is situated about 3.3 km away from Forsan Central Mall.
    • Al Forsan International Sports Resort is situated about 3.8 km away from Forsan Mall.
    • Al Urjuwan Park, a beautiful getaway, is about 8.2 km from the mall. 
    • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is situated at a distance of 14 km from the Forsan Mall. 
    • Emirates Palace is situated at a distance of 30 km away from Forsan Central Mall. 

Top Brands at Forsan’s Mall, Abu Dhabi

The Forsan Mall in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, is a thriving hub showcasing a diverse range of globally recognised and locally acclaimed brands. Dive deeper into the remarkable assortment of shops and prominent brands you can discover within this extraordinary shopping centre in the following details:

    • Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank ATM
    • Abdul Samad Al Qurashi
    • By Clouds Fragrance
    • Grand Yathrub
    • Tbilisi Central Mall
    • La Rosa
    • Dar Al Hay
    • Dr Nutrition
    • Concord Saloon & Spa
    • Xpressions Style Central Mall Abu Dhabi
    • Choice Flowers
    • Waayan Housewares Trading
    • La Marquise Jewellery
    • Lulu Hypermarket
    • Max In Central Mall

Facilities and Services at Forsan Mall

The offerings are abundant regarding the range of services provided by Forsan Central Mall in Abu Dhabi. Take a look! 

  • Supermarkets

Love shopping? Forsan Central Mall is a one-stop shop where you can find everything from groceries to electrical appliances at reasonable prices. So, when you require your daily essentials, you know where you should head!

    • The Lulu Hypermarket

The Lulu Hypermarket in Forsan Mall

Boasting one of Abu Dhabi’s most extensive hypermarkets, Forsan Central Mall is home to Lulu Hypermarket. This comprehensive store encompasses a broad spectrum of household necessities, including groceries, cleaning supplies, appliances, and more. You can contact them at the number given below. 

      • Phone Number: +971 2 2047077
  • Forsan Mall: Money Exchange Services Providers

There are multiple places at Forsan Central Mall where you can quickly exchange money. Take a look!

    • Al Fardan Exchange

It is located in the basement of the Forsan Mall. For any queries, you can connect with them via call. Their contact details are given below. 

      • Phone Number – +971 2 5564930. 
    • Lulu International Exchange

It is located in the basement of the Forsan Mall. For any queries, you can contact the office at the contact details given below. 

      • Phone Number – +971 2 5465411.
  • ATMs

ATMs in The Forsan Mall

If you require immediate access to cash withdrawal or deposit facilities, the mall houses several ATMs for your convenience. These include –

    • Emirates NBD ATM
    • Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank ATM
  • Phone Companies at Forsan Mall

    • Du 

It is located in Forsan Central Mall’s basement. In case of any query, you can get in touch with their customer support team at the number given below. 

      • Phone Number: +971 2 2457073.
    • Etisalat

This phone company is located in Forsan Central Mall’s basement. In case of any query, one can contact the customer support team at the below-given number. 

      • Phone Number: +971 2 5657687
  • Car Rental Services at Forsan Mall

    • Europcar 

Europcar provides car hire services that cater to every requirement. In addition to offering impeccably maintained vehicles, they distinguish themselves with a no-fee cancellation policy. It is located in the basement of the Forsan Mall. For any queries, you can reach out at the following number. 

      • Phone Number: +971 56 515 3534.
  • Housekeeping Service Providers at Forsan Mall

    • Tadbeer

If you’re searching for household assistance or domestic workers in the UAE, Tadbeer emerges as a top choice. They provide various services, catering to those seeking housemaids and those who require a cook, private tutor, or a personal driver. You can find their office on the ground floor of the mall.

For more information, you can reach out to them on a call. Their contact details are given below. 

      • Phone Number: +971 2 8868100
  • Pharmacies at Forsan Central Mall, Abu Dhabi

Pharmacies at Forsan Central Mall, Abu Dhabi

Finally, for any medical supplies or pharmaceutical needs, you can rely on the following pharmacies located within the mall:

    • Medicina Central Mall
    • Burjeel
  • Beauty Centers at Forsan Central Mall in Abu Dhabi

Beauty Centers at Forsan Central Mall in Abu Dhabi

There are some superb salons in the mall for those interested in hair or nail services. Both offer exceptional pampering experiences for all beauty enthusiasts.

    • Chennai Central Mall
    • Concord Saloon & Spa

Things to Do at Forsan Central Mall, Abu Dhabi

In terms of entertainment offerings at Forsan Central Mall, the options are plentiful. Discover all the mall offers in the subsequent details, ranging from a myriad of dining choices to diverse amusement avenues.

  • Orange Hub

Orange Hub is a top recreational spot in the mall, catering to adults and youngsters alike. It boasts a variety of traditional arcade games along with other enticing activities, including:

    • Laser Tag
    • Simulators
    • Mini Bowling
    • Zero Gravity Experience
  • Central Mall Khalifa City Cinema

Indulging in a blockbuster movie is a fantastic weekend, and Central Mall Abu Dhabi Cinema provides the perfect venue. Featuring a selection of the latest films on its screens, it’s the ideal destination to immerse yourself in a captivating movie experience while savouring a delicious serving of popcorn. Hurry over to catch a great film and elevate your cinematic outing.

Forsan Central Mall Restaurants

Many dining options await at Central Mall Khalifa City, ranging from savoury delights to sweet treats and even a comforting cup of coffee. Explore the following selection to discover your preferred Central Mall restaurant and satisfy your culinary cravings. Following are a few options you can find within the vicinity of the mall: 

    • Gazebo 
    • II Forno
    • Chagh Kabab
    • Joud Cafe 
    • Chatime 
    • Cinnabon 
    • Famous Daves

Wrapping Up 

In conclusion, Forsan Central Mall in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, is a premier destination that caters to all your shopping, dining, and entertainment needs. With a diverse range of top brands, a multitude of dining options, and a host of recreational activities, the mall provides a comprehensive experience for visitors of all ages. Whether seeking a retail therapy session, a delectable meal, or a thrilling movie, Forsan Central Mall, Abu Dhabi, has it all. So, visit this vibrant hub for a memorable and enjoyable time in Khalifa City.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What stores and brands are available at Forsan Central Mall?

Forsan Central Mall, Abu Dhabi, offers various stores and brands to cater to shopping preferences. Some popular brands include Zara, H&M, Mango, Sharaf DG, and a mix of local and international retailers. The mall's diverse selection ensures something for everyone's taste and needs.

Is there a parking facility at Forsan Central Mall? If so, is it free?

Yes, Forsan Central Mall provides ample parking spaces for visitors. However, the availability of free parking or any parking fees may vary. It is advisable to check the mall's parking policy or contact their information desk for specific details.

Are there any dining options or restaurants within the mall?

Absolutely! Forsan Central Mall boasts a plethora of dining options to satisfy various culinary cravings. You can explore a range of eateries, including fast-food chains like McDonald's, renowned coffee shops like Starbucks, and local favourites such as Automatic Restaurant, offering Middle Eastern cuisine. The mall's food court and standalone restaurants provide a diverse culinary experience.

Does Forsan Central Mall have an entertainment or leisure area?

Yes, Forsan Central Mall goes beyond shopping and dining by offering an entertainment and leisure area. Visitors can enjoy a state-of-the-art cinema, an indoor amusement park for children, and a fitness centre. These facilities ensure there is something for everyone to unwind and have a great time.

Are there any events or promotions happening at Forsan Central Mall?

Forsan Central Mall frequently organises events, promotions, concerts, and exhibitions to enhance the overall experience for visitors. The mall's website or social media channels can provide up-to-date information on the latest events and promotions happening at the mall.

Is there a cinema or movie theatre within Forsan Central Mall?

Forsan Central Mall features a state-of-the-art cinema where visitors can enjoy the latest blockbuster movies. It provides a comfortable and immersive movie-watching experience for cinephiles.

Does Forsan Central Mall have a children's play area or family-friendly amenities?

Yes, Forsan Central Mall understands the importance of family-friendly amenities. It offers an indoor amusement park dedicated to children, providing them with a safe and enjoyable space to have fun. Families can explore this designated play area and create lasting memories.

Does Forsan Central Mall have a dedicated prayer room or facilities?

Yes, Forsan Central Mall, Abu Dhabi, caters to the spiritual needs of visitors by providing dedicated prayer rooms. These prayer facilities ensure a peaceful and serene environment for individuals seeking a place for prayer and reflection.

Are there any public transportation options available near the mall?

Forsan Central Mall is easily accessible by public transportation. There are conveniently located bus stops near the mall, allowing visitors to reach their destinations using public buses. The accessibility of public transportation options ensures convenient commuting for those who prefer not to use private vehicles.

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